NooterEriksen is the world’s leading specialist in Sustainable Energy Management, capable of designing and constructing state-of-the-art equipment worldwide.

We have a mission to provide the insight and innovation to safely drive efficiency, reduce waste and build a better global environment.

Doing so will create sustainable value for our clients and help them better serve the communities that rely on their energy outputaround the world.


Specialty Boiler Project Awarded

The Nooter/Eriksen family is pleased to announce that our Italian office, N/E Srl, has been awarded a contract for a D-type Fired Boiler to be installed at the Enipower facility in Ravenna, Italy.

This boiler is designed for a total steam capacity of 485,000 lb/hr (220 t/h), generated at 290psi (18 bar) and 510°F (265°C). The scope includes civil and electrical design, supply and installation, DCS, gas pressure reducing stations, motor control center building, & complete mechanical erection, startup and commissioning activities.

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Guinness World Record Holder

Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station No. 7-1 has been recognized as a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title holder for the world’s most efficient combined-cycle power plant. It has demonstrated efficiency at 63.08%. Nooter/Eriksen partnered with Toshiba to build the plant in 2013. The plant has 6 GE HA.01 (GE7F7) gas turbines. It cuts LNG consumption and reduces C02 emissions.

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Global Office Locations

Global LicensEes


  • Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG)
  • Concentrated solar power receivers (CSP)
  • Fired Boilers (FB)
  • Waste Heat Boilers (WHB)
  • Environmentally friendly water treatment
  • Enhanced oil recovery steam generators
  • LLTE – Low Low Temperature Economizers
  • NEXT – Cooling Solutions
  • Aftermarket Services for ALL boiler products
  • Energy Efficiency Management


NooterEriksen has rebranded to both modernize our look and better tell our story.

We wanted to emphasize and more effectively communicate the wide engineering expertise and support services we provide, that help create a better environment by safely driving efficiencies, reducing water and energy waste and increasing profitability for our clients.

Our goal is to become stronger as a company and continue to innovate on behalf of our employees and clients around the world.

NooterEriksen’s new logo has been designed to reflect the scale and industrial strength of the highly engineered products we supply worldwide. The design was inspired by our legacy “NE” icon but modernized to convey a sense of continuous momentum.

The industry knows NooterEriksen primarily for HRSGs, so our new descriptor line was created to communicate the enhanced engineering value and specialty focus on sustainability that we bring to every project.


We bring value to
sustainable energy

Sustainable development and climate change are major challenges of our time.

Energy and the way it is produced and transformed are at the heart of this challenge. We have a responsibility to leave a positive impact on our environment.

NE is committed to incorporating sustainability into our everyday operations and collaborating with local communities in which we work and live along with our supply chain providers.

Nooter Eriksen’s principles and commitments are defined in the Code of Sustainability.

We are asking all employees and business partners to work together on the path to sustainability to ensure we help leave this world a better place than which we found it.

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