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Engineering & Design

“Scientia potentia est. Knowledge is power.” [Francesco Bacone]

Complex heat recovery systems are Nooter/Eriksen’s specialty. All systems are designed for maximum reliability, efficiency and availability. The heat recovery systems for each specific application is custom designed to meet the customer’s requirements at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing quality or more maintainability.

Nooter/Eriksen performs a complete engineering analysis to assure the industry’s most well-planned and efficient installation. Using state of the art computer aided design methods, entire systems are modeled to prevent interferences and expensive rework at site. Nooter/Eriksen is the industry leader in providing HRSGs with constructability features that minimize field installation labor and shorten construction schedules. Nooter/Eriksen’s design features provide optimum flexibility in the installation sequence, taking into account transportation limitations, while maximizing overall shop fabrication.

Nooter/Eriksen has an experienced Engineering Staff and can provide equipment to meet local pressure vessel codes, local building codes, national safety standards

  • ASME
  • CE marking and PED compliance
  • European boiler codes – EN12952
  • Canadian Standards (TSSA certification)
  • METI – Japanese boiler codes
  • Australia boiler codes
  • GOST- Russian boiler code

Cycling Reliability

As units have become more and more cyclic, Nooter/Eriksen has learned that there are several very important things that must be done to ensure the equipment will operate reliably. Some of these features directly address the concerns owners have regarding cyclic units and others are offered as options to help make equipment last longer.

Nooter/Eriksen knows there are several important factors that must be done to ensure all cyclic service equipment operates reliably.

  • HP Superheater and Reheater Coil Flexibility
  • Lower Header Coil Restraints
  • External Piping
  • High Chrome Materials
  • Stack Dampers
  • Desuperheaters
  • Combined Upper and Lower Headers
  • Tube Stub to Header Connections