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As part of our commitment to improving our customer’s bottom line, Nooter/Eriksen has broadened its water quality management capabilities for power plants and large industrial facilities. Nooter/Eriksen Water Solutions (NEWS) offers water treatment optimization utilizing an innovative water conditioning device called HydroFLOW. Through our sophisticated optimization process, we are able to prevent and dissolve calcium carbonate scale build up, control bacteria, algae, and biofilm growth, and inhibit corrosion. This process can lead to reduction of chemicals and water usage, improvement of heat transfer efficiency, and reduction of maintenance costs.


  • Dissolves and removes existing hard

  • Treats bacteria, algae and biofilm.

  • Inhibits corrosion.

  • Optimizes the use of chemicals and makeup water.

  • Improves and maintains heat transfer efficiency.

  • Reduces maintenance cost.

Proof of Concept

  • Zero risk, on-site product evaluation of NEWS optimization using HydroFLOW water conditioning equipment.
  • Pending a successful product evaluation, flexible purchase agreements and payment options are available.

  • Remote monitoring of the cooling system’s performance via phone, tablet, or computer.


The system is comprised of a non-invasive device installed externally to a pipe which induces an electrical signal of oscillating sine waves at +/-150kHz. The electric induction is performed by a special transducer connected to a ring of ferrites. The induced AC signal then causes the positively and negatively charged ions to form suspended crystals in the water, preventing them from attaching to rough surfaces and remaining in suspension.

Water Soultions