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Specialty Welding Services

NOOTER uses the industry’s most advanced equipment to provide automated and semi-automated welding services for the toughest welding projects nationwide.

NOOTER Specialty Services

Using over 125 years of welding experience, NOOTER has developed and customized automated and semi-automated welding procedures, techniques, and equipment that help us consistently solve welding challenges efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Automated and Semi-Automated welding:

  • Improved Weld Quality
  • Increased Output
  • Repeatability 
  • Decreased Scrap
  • Decreased Variable Labor Costs
  • Safer Working Conditions

Specialty Welding Services

  • Pipe ID Overlay – Build Up
  • Orbital Welding – Includes Heavy Wall, Small Bore Fusion and Alloy Solutions for Pipe Welding Services
  • Large Bore Pipe Cladding
  • Semi-automatic and Automatic Weld Overlay – Overlay Solutions for Pressure Vessels and Boilers Utilizing State of the Art Technology
  • Boiler Tube Butt Welding – Superheater, Reheater and Economizer Services
  • Coke Drum Seam, Shell and Crack Repairs
  • Heavy Wall Vessel Section Replacement
  • In Place Valve Seat Repair via Machining and Welding Services
  • In Place Nozzle Overlay Utilizing Automatic GTAW

  • Large Component Repair/Replacement
  • Custom Designed Mechanical Welding and Machining Solutions
  • Field Machining Services
  • Welding Engineering Support

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