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Chemical Processing

NOOTER is a leading provider of specialty construction services for the chemical processing industry nationwide.

Chemical Processing Facility Construction

NOOTER has over 125 years of fabrication, construction and maintenance experience including chemical plant construction.

NOOTER’s chemical plant construction project managers, site supervisors, pipefitters, welders, rigging engineers, welding engineers, instrumentation and controls technicians and electricians understand the environments, people and processes unique to chemical plants.

Our teams are used to working in live production, hazardous environments, during compressed schedules.

Chemical Processing Services

  • New Chemical Plant Construction
  • Vessel Repair
  • Specialty Welding
  • Chemical Plant Retrofits
  • Chemical Plant Turnarounds
  • Chemical Plant Maintenance
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Fabrication of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Specialty Alloys
  • Acetic Acid Equipment
  • Polymerization Reactors
  • High Pressure Reactors
  • Multi-layer Repairs
  • Relining (Stamicarbon)
  • Extensions and External Wraps
  • Expansion Joint Replacement
  • Tray Fabrication (Stamicarbon)
  • Titanium parts (Flues)
  • Heat Exchanger Retube
  • Industry Leading Safety

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