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Chemical Processing

NOOTER is a leading specialty provider of vessels to the Chemical Processing industry, with innovative practices and the latest technologies.

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Chemical Processing

NOOTER has always been a leading provider of specialty services to the Chemical Processing industry, nationwide. Using innovative practices and the latest technologies, we provide leading-edge solutions to keep your plants operating and generating consistent profits.

As one of the world’s leading chemical processing construction and maintenance companies, NOOTER has the experience and expertise to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our commitment to safety and quality offers you the assurance that every project will be completed safely and according to your precise standards. Our project leadership provides innovative solutions to solve your most complex problems. We also streamline operational efficiencies by working around a live process to help you reduce downtime, so you can keep generating profits.

From daily maintenance and emergency repairs to major shutdowns or new capital projects requiring several hundred craft workers, NOOTER has the expertise to safely and successfully execute a wide variety of projects. Our project teams follow a methodical framework to plan, schedule, staff, and execute turnarounds and maintenance programs of all sizes.

NOOTER Chemical Processing Services:

  • New Construction

  • Vessel Repair

  • Specialty Welding

  • Retrofits

  • Turnarounds

  • Maintenance

  • Custom fabrication

We specialize in the following Alterations and Repairs:

  • Stainless, Nickel, Copper, Titanium and Clads
  • Acetic Acid Equipment

  • Polymerization Reactors

  • High Pressure Reactors

  • Multi-layer repairs that include relining (Stamicarbon), extensions and external wraps

  • Expansion Joint Replacement
  • Tray Fabrication (Stamicarbon)

  • Titanium parts (flues)

  • Heat Exchanger Retube

Contact our experts to learn how NOOTER Construction provides innovative solutions for chemical processing plants throughout the United States and in International markets.

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