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Petroleum Refining

NOOTER specializes in developing strategies to keep your critical plant equipment running, reduce down time and generate profits.

Petroleum Refinery Construction

Since 1896 NOOTER has built a reputation for innovation and consistency in refinery turnarounds and capital construction projects. Our teams specialize in developing execution plans to optimize all sizes of turnarounds and provide our unique, value-added solutions. Our focus is on our customers’ goals; to keep critical plant equipment running, reduce down time and generate profits. NOOTER provides:

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units

NOOTER has performed Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) turnarounds for over 40 years and is known as a leading solutions provider for FCCU revamps and repairs. Nooter has successfully completed over 100 FCCU turnarounds.

Coker Units

NOOTER is an industry leader in Coke Drum repair and replacement. From replacement of drum sections to a complete replacement, Nooter has pioneered many of the industry techniques and solutions used today. Our focus is always on long-term reliability.

New Capital Construction

NOOTER offers a full range of Capital Construction services including new equipment erection, installation of piping, instrumentation, and support structures. NOOTER specializes in field erection of boilers and furnaces, vessels, towers, scrubbers, coke drums, heaters, and boilers.


NOOTER provides a wide range of maintenance services to the petroleum refining industry. Our services for total refinery maintenance include our multi-craft workforce of boilermakers, pipefitters, electricians, ironworkers, laborers, equipment operators, and millwrights. We pride ourselves on providing the most cost effective, efficient and flexible services to all of our valued refinery partners.

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