Nooter Construction provides a wide range of Industrial Construction and Maintenance Services for a variety of industrial markets, backed by one of the best multi-craft workforces in the country.

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A Rich and Storied History

In the early 1880s, seaman first-class John Nooter sails to the new world from Amsterdam. His Experience in high-rigging on the tall ships prompts him to take a job as a rigger for John O’Brien Boiler Works in St. Louis.

In 1896, John takes the bold step of going out on his own and the John Nooter Boiler Works Company is founded.

Money made from his first big job, painting all the trolley poles in St. Louis, was invested in the purchase of a sheet-metal bending roll and the company begins fabricating stacks and repairing boilers.

The 1904 World’s Fair, held in St. Louis, gave Nooter Boiler Works other opportunities to showcase their talents. Soon they were mastering the new art of welding and leading the industry in developing fabrication techniques and advancing alloy-welding processes.

As the company grew, it became Nooter Corporation and saw its service offering go from riveted smokestacks and boilers, to fabricated alloy pressure vessels like those needed for vaccine production, to satisfying the energy sector’s needs including the design, fabrication and erection of nuclear power containment systems.

Nooter’s St. Louis shop became the largest pressure vessel fabrication facility in North America. With this foundation, through expansion and acquisition, our family of companies has become a leader in construction, revamp and maintenance serving the petrochemical, per and process industries.

in 1910, John Nooter Boiler Works Company begins manufacturing their signature horizontal tabular boilers.


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