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Pressure Vessel Repairs and Modifications

NOOTER’s  boilermakers have the skills and resources to perform installations, repairs, alterations and maintenance on all types of pressure vessels and boilers.

Pressure Vessel Repairs and Modifications

Pressure vessel repairs and modifications are often required to restore systems to their original safe operating condition and to prolong the life of the unit.

Vessel conditions deteriorate due to various factors usually related to mechanical, process-related, and corrosion problems.

Repairs are carefully planned in order to minimize downtime and carried out under the strict supervision and control of competent Inspectors.

ASME Code work performed in compliance with all national and local standards and codes.

Boiler Maintenance

Pressure Vessel and Tank Services

Pressure Vessels and Tanks

  • Repair
  • Alteration
  • Demo
  • Installation
  • Rerate and Code Stamp Authorization
  • ASME and API Code Work Performed in Compliance With All National and Local Standards/Codes

Boiler & Specialty Maintenance Services

  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Tuning
  • Sizing
  • Demo
  • Installation

Boiler Capabilities

  • Boilers (All Types and Brands Repaired)
  • Fire-Tube, Water-Tube, Cast Iron
  • Low & High Pressure
  • Tube Replacement
  • Tube Sheet Replacement
  • Tube Cleaning
  • Boiler Bottoms Replaced
  • New Shouts Installed
  • Manway Replaced
  • Cast Iron Section Replaced
  • Boiler Casing Replaced
  • B31.1 Piping
  • Boiler Controls


  • Firebrick Removal and Replacement
  • Arch Replacement
  • Castable & Plastic Installation

Stacks & Breeching

  • Design, Fabrication and Installation
  • Stack Repair and Modification
  • Stack Inspection
  • Industrial Ductwork


  • ASME Certified
  • “R”, “S” and “U” Stamps

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