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Oil and Gas Terminals

Put NOOTER’s extensive experience and expertise to work for your Heavy Industrial Construction needs.

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Oil and Gas Terminals

Our experience in the Oil & Gas Midstream market spans 125 years and is backed by one of the best multi-craft workforces in the country. We specialise in safely delivering complex capital and maintenance projects.

Each endeavor is guided by our unique safety and quality programs and our skilled crafts-people are educated on the inherent risks associated with working in process facilities. Our customers leverage our experienced supervision personnel to manage programs across multiple sites in order to consistently achieve positive outcomes.

As a general contractor, we hold our 3rd party subcontractors and vendors to the same high standards as our customers expect of NOOTER.

NOOTER provides the full range of contractor services required to meet the needs of the Oil & Gas terminal industry including:

  • General & Capital Project Construction

  • Routine Maintenance

  • Mechanical Process Piping

  • API 653 Tank repairs and modifications

  • API 1104 Piping

  • Instrumentation and Controls

  • Loading/Offloading Operations

  • Pump & Compressor Stations

  • Blending Manifolds

  • Truck & Railcar Loading/Offloading

Innovation for the terminals industry.

NOOTER has pioneered many of the petroleum industry solutions used throughout the sector today.

Our history of innovation provides you with experienced Terminal industry skilled labor and supervisors, each with an average of 20 years of industry experience.

Each NOOTER project is guided by our customized safety and quality programs. Our highly skilled crafts-people are continuously educated, ensuring their maintained awareness of the risks associated when working in process facilities. NOOTER’s supervision team has gained national experience managing safety and quality programs while consistently achieving positive outcomes. We’re proud of the stringent safety measures we adopt and of the time we take to understand our customers’ unique business needs.

Ultimately, our goal is to complete projects with little to no impact on day-to-day operations, finishing on time and under budget. This is why we’ve been able to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with so many of our customers who rely on NOOTER to optimize, service and maintain their facilities throughout the United States.

Some of our Terminal services include:

  • General Construction
  • Pump & Compressor Installations

  • Meter Installations

  • API 1104 Piping

  • DOT OQ Tasks

  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation & Controls

  • Blending Manifolds

  • Truck & Railcar Loading/Offloading

  • Tank Maintenance & Repair

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