Heat Exchanger Bundle Pulling

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    A heat exchanger is a system used to transfer heat between two or more products. They’re
    widely used in industrial plants for both cooling and heating processes. As a result, residue
    builds up in their intricate tubing systems called bundles. Periodically these bundles have to be
    pulled for cleaning to optimize their efficiency. Specialty equipment and expertise is required to
    safely handle bundles when they are pulled out of their shells for on-site maintenance.
    NOOTER can provide this specialty service. The key to success in this niche specialty is focus,
    consistency and a great deal of experience. Bundle extraction is our specialty and is available
  • Pull a single bundle, or dozens of bundles
  • Anything up to 66 tons
  • Robust fleet of reliable aerial and truck mounted extractors
  • Crawler and TBC extractors for tighter areas
  • Highly experienced and specially trained operators for this specific niche service