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Specialty Welding Services

NOOTER uses the industry’s most advanced equipment to provide specialty construction services for the toughest welding projects.

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Specialty Welding Services

Based on our over 125 years of experience, NOOTER has developed a number of “specialty” welding capabilities that we now offer independently to our customers. Our teams have developed and customized new welding procedures, techniques, and equipment that allow us to consistently provide the highest quality welding services for most challenging conditions. NOOTER maintains over 1,200 qualified welding procedures that allow us to quickly respond to our clients needs.

NOOTER Specialty Services are experts in the toughest welding projects, we can solve your critical problems, and meet tough schedules. NOOTER has experienced Project Management and Supervision with an average of 20+ years in the industry. We have access to the country’s strongest talent and to the industry’s most advanced equipment.

Specialty Welding Service Offerings

  • Pipe ID overlay – build up

  • Orbital welding – includes heavy wall, small bore fusion and alloy solutions for pipe welding services

  • Large bore pipe cladding

  • Semi-automatic and automatic weld overlay – overlay solutions for pressure vessels and boilers utilizing state of the art technology

  • Boiler tube butt welding – superheater, reheater and economizer services

  • Coke drum seam, shell and crack repairs

  • Heavy wall vessel section replacement

  • In place valve seat repair via machining and welding services

  • In place nozzle overlay utilizing automatic GTAW

  • Large component repair/replacement

  • Custom designed mechanical welding and machining solutions

  • Field machining services

  • Welding engineering support

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